What Attracts Women: What Women Think About Male-Model Looks

Published: 17th March 2009
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Many men assume that attractive women are only attracted to good looking men. And there is some truth to this. You often see good looking women with good looking men.But do you need male model looks to attract a hot woman?

Actually, no you don't.

Can you remember a time when you've seen an attractive woman with a guy who is average in the looks department or downright ugly?

It may be surprising to know, and counter intuitive to many, but a man's looks are only a very small part of what attracts women. In fact a good looking guy who is lacking in other qualities can actually have a harder time with women than a guy who isn't anything special to look at.

Are you kidding me?... Good looks are a BAD thing?

No, not exactly. Let me explain.

Average guys often fail with attractive women, but not for the reasons they think they do. As men we are attracted to a woman's looks. When a hot looking babe walks past she has got our attention! We are compelled to check her out! All it takes for a man to get turned on by an attractive woman is for her to show up!

So if her good looks are attractive to us, a good looking guy should have no problems right?

Actually, good looking men have exactly the same problems with women that the rest of us do! Because he is good looking he might get more opportunity to meet women, but if he doesn't know how to handle a woman he will get no further than any other man will!

A common mistake men make is to assume that women are the same as us and that they are turned on by the same things. They're not!

In many ways, society's recent changes have instilled in our heads that women are equal to men. While women have become more equal to men in terms of equal treatment by society - a good thing in many ways, in the dating game it is not conductive to your success to treat women in egalitarian terms. Because when it comes to dating and courtship...


Many men will assume because they are turned on by a woman's looks, that women must be turned on by our looks and that if we don't have good looks, a hot looking babe is always going to be out of our league. Fortunately this is simply not true.

To understand why, let's first understand the reason why average guys get rejected so often by women. You see, because men THINK that women are turned on by looks, this perception bleeds into their attitude and the way they look at themselves. They go through life feeling dejected and down-trodden.

Therein lies the root of the problem. The operative word being "ATTITUDE". Women are turned on by a man's looks a small amount, but SHE IS TURNED ON BY HIS ATTITUDE WHOLE LOT MORE THAN HIS LOOKS, and when a guy stumbles through life, dejected, unworthy, downtrodden and all those things, she sees it as low status behavior. Very unattractive gentlemen! So, you see, he gets rejected for his attitude, NOT his looks.

There was nothing wrong with him to begin with, except that he THOUGHT there was.

This is really great news for men, because a killer attitude can go a long way to overcoming whatever natural physical flaws you may have and unlike physical flaws, changing your attitude is something that is easily within your control.

It's all in the "tude" dude, so having pin-up model looks doesn't matter. What matters is how you FEEL about yourself.

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